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'User', 'you' or 'you': any natural person (B2C) or legal entity (B2B) that is or will be placed in a contractual relationship of any kind with 050 IT via its online website.

On this page you will find the Colophon and the Proclaimer of 050 IT. It explains how we deal with personal data and copyright. You will also find our Chamber of Commerce (KvK) data here.


050 IT holds correct information in high regard, therefore we do not use a 'disclaimer', but we do have a 'proclaimer'. The difference? We do not hide behind legal jargon. On the other hand, we do want to ensure a complete and impeccable online experience. The information on this website is created under the responsibility of Profource. We take the utmost care to make the content of this website as up-to-date, accessible, correct and complete as possible. If you nevertheless find something that is not correct or is outdated, we would appreciate it if you let us know via our contact form.


Any information gathered about your visits to the website is only used to support technical decisions and statistical processing. This information is never used to identify individuals. The information provided for information requests or e-mail is used exclusively for the processing of the request or reaction.

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All information offered, in whatever form (text, images, code, documents such as PDF, WORD, and others) are automatically copyrighted, so that the information may not be reproduced or communicated without the prior written consent (this can also be done digitally). ) permission from 050 IT or its owners and only with acknowledgment of the source.


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Chamber of Commerce

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