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Implementation and consulting

As an entrepreneur, you have the challenging task of making an implementation succeed. You know how challenging an implementation can be because there are many factors that can influence the success or failure of an implementation. The software or service can be the right one, but if the skills of your own staff and the behavior do not fit in well, or if there is insufficient support in the organization, the implementation can be suboptimal. Our experienced implementation specialists will gladly help you successfully implement changes and improvements in your organization.

Our experienced consultants gladly discuss with you about optimal support for your business processes. It is not always possible to find the solution in IT or application support. A process adjustment or a solution that is completely outside the IT landscape can sometimes have a better fit with your organization. It is precisely this critical reflection that makes us jointly come up with the most suitable solution for your problem, whether it is IT, Business or Process-related.

050 IT consultants all have a background in finance, projects and procurement, are accustomed to working project-based and are experienced in optimizing business (chain) processes. In addition, there is ample project management experience with experience in transitions, transformations, implementations and management contracts.

73% of all implementations fail

  • Complex organizational structures and complex processes
  • No clear vision on change or insufficient capacity targets
  • No agreement on the strategy of the change
  • No safe learning environment
  • The lack of sufficient attention for change process
  • Stuttering or incompetent project management

It is a known fact that roughly 73% of all implementations fail due to, among other things, the above mentioned factors. These implementations do not achieve the desired results or even fail completely.

This calls for change in a structured way!

De meerwaarde van 050 IT

Our added value

Our goal is always to make your company more intelligent. We use the following five aspects that are important to make implementation a success.

Define objectives: is it clear to all employees and managers how the implementation will contribute to the objectives?

Determine strategy: is it clear to everyone how the implementation supports the strategy?

Focusing processes: how should the new and changed processes start, what changes are important and are the roles clear?

Assessing software: at what moments in the process are employees supported by the software and which are not? Where are any bumps that make introduction difficult? What are everyone's expectations for this?

Assess staff: what skills should employees have during and after the implementation?

An important part of the implementation is providing the right training to raise your staff to a higher level. 050 IT sets the training objectives together with your organization and can train your staff or enable your organization to carry out the training themselves.