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Almost every entrepreneur has to deal with various applications that are in use and that also have to work together. Setting up this collaboration is called software integration or application integration. Good integration can yield a lot, but being tackled wrong can cause major headaches.

An application can work fine on its own, which does not say anything about the integration possibilities. Not all applications can be interwoven just like that. In addition, new challenges are constantly being added:

  • Some applications are in the cloud, others are installed locally;
  • New applications are being added that need to be integrated;
  • Some data you want to share externally, other data is often of a privacy sensitive nature and you do not want to share with third parties.

Fortunately, there are many techniques, tools and specialists to help with this process.


Working in the cloud is becoming more commonplace. The purchase of Cloud applications brings a challenge in the field of integration. How can local applications praben with the cloud and do you want to. What security requirements are there when integrating a cloud application. Which applications can you use to integrate cloud applications and how can you link to the cloud with your current tooling? Of course, a technical consultant from 050 IT can tell you more about these issues.

Maintain or renew?

Making a consolidation plan containing all the steps and activities to be carried out is a common way of working. But what if a new application is added tomorrow? Perhaps a supplier or a customer wants to connect their and your systems. It is therefore important that software can always be adapted to changing circumstances. These adjustments must of course be flexible and inexpensive to carry out, without disturbing the daily work.

Purchase of (new) software

Successful integration starts with the software (or cloud service). It can be tempting to purchase all software from one supplier. This can be a large software package (for example an ERP package), or different products from the same supplier. This can certainly be a good solution for small and medium-sized companies, but many organizations are hesitant (rightly or wrongly) for the so-called 'vendor lockin' where they are stuck to the one supplier because procurement of tooling from other suppliers creates problems with integration and cooperation. with current applications. Whatever choice you make, the integration option is an important point of attention when purchasing new software.


Often more types of data have to be exchanged than initially thought. Not only the data that is entered daily, but also meta-data. If a new standard for data storage is introduced in one application, other applications must also take over. If the access rights are adjusted, this has to be adjusted everywhere. And there are many more points that you and we do not think of beforehand.

050 IT and integration

Purchasing the right integration software is a good start, but you may be able to use advice or need on-site help with integration. There are many techniques, tools and tools to integrate. We are happy to advise you.

All in all, there is still something to look at in integration projects, do not hesitate to contact us.