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After the implementation of your new NetSuite application you can get started with your system. Sometimes questions or problems arise in that phase that the implementation party no longer solves for you. A good management organization can help you on your way here. Our experience is that the phase in which your organization learns to work with the new system often turns into a phase in which your organization discovers what an ERP can do even more. This creates the need for expansion and adaptation of the application. We then speak about management.

We see management as the next step in the maturation of your ERP and your user organization that learns to work with the system. We are happy to help you to grow in this management phase.

On the basis of joint agreements we treat disruptions in your system, we change functionality that does not like, we build new functionality or we train your user organization.

What falls within our management activities:

  • Daily questions, challenges
  • Change of existing facility
  • Recommendations for business processes
  • Discussions / recommendations for good practice
  • Improvements
  • Adjustments of reports - Role updates
  • Automation
  • Scripting based on SuiteScript
  • Change or build workflows
  • Training; continuous or new employee

Our settlement model is not based on monthly fees for which we manage your application landscape. We do not believe in this outdated way of managing. At 050 IT you will be informed in advance about the estimated costs of the management work. Subsequently, we calculate the actually spent hours with the previously estimated costs as a ceiling price. With this you only pay for actually spent hours.

Curious about what we can do for you and your NetSuite application, feel free to contact us.